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Yudhvir Singh Chauhan, Advocate 
Delhi High Court 

A goal-oriented Lawyer targeting assignment in Legal Operations/Legal Affairs/Legal Advisory Services with an organization of high repute


1. Qualified LL.B. and LL.M. with first Division and having more then 19 years of experience as an independent lawyer.

2. Experienced in managing vast array of legal issues including drafting of various legal documents and appearing & contesting matters before Courts, Tribunals, Commissions and Regulatory Authorities.

3. Exposure in vetting various legal documents and  resolving critical legal issues.

4. An effective communicator with exceptional relationship management skills and adept at maintaining cordial business relationship with senior counsels and external agencies. 

Professional Membership

1. Enrolled as an Advocate with Bar Council of Delhi,     vides Enrolment No. D/2693/99.

2. President ‘Delhi School Tribunal Bar Association’    

3. Member of Delhi High Court Bar Association and also elected as ‘Executive Member’ of Delhi High Court Bar Association in the election held in year 2007. 

4. Member of Supreme Court Bar Association.

5. Member of Delhi Bar Association.

6. Life Member of Indian Adult Education Association.

7. Life Member of Institute of Constitutional and Parliamentary Studies. 

Organizational Details

1. Initially in the year 1999, joined the Chamber of Mr. M. M. Sudan, the then Senior Standing Counsel for Union of India and as such acquired good knowledge and exposure in different fields of law.

2. Since year 2001, started independent practice at Delhi Courts and presently maintaining Chamber No. 276, Lawyers Chambers, Block-II, Delhi High Court, New Delhi, fully equipped with latest technology including the computer software /  Email / Internet / Website / Legal Software and well-maintained Law Journals / Reports Library etc.

Legal Strategy Planning

1. Conceiving appropriate legal strategies for client’s case after assessment of case history.

2. Initiating / managing various cases in the High Court, Central Administrative Tribunal, Sessions and Magistrate Courts, Debt Recovery Tribunal, School Tribunal, Consumer Courts and the City Civil Courts.

3. Maintaining sustained contact with Legal Professionals and Govt. Officials for initiating an following up on Legal procedures and finalizing various Legal Agreements. 

Legal Affairs/Litigation

1. Appearing before High Courts, District Courts, Tribunals and various other regulatory authorities.

2. Handling recovery of payments from defaulters especially in loss on sale cases, execution proceedings and Cheque Dishonor Cases.

3. Appointing and maintaining sustained contact with Designated Senior Legal Professionals for initiating and follow-ups on civil and criminal legal procedures. 

Domain Experience

1. Drafting and vetting of legal documents including legal notices, Agreements, Appeals, Affidavits, and Lease Deeds, obtaining and canceling Non-Bailable Warrants etc.

2. Preparing Plaints, Case Papers, Affidavits, Notices, Writ Petitions, Appeals, Complaints, Representations and Applications etc. for various legal proceedings.

3. Liaising with government authorities such as police stations, RTO, MCD, NDMC, DDA, Ministries, Revenue Authorities and other investigating officers for various cases.

Customer Relationship Management

1. Making presentations to Individual Clients / Corporate to create awareness about Legal Compliances and rendering guidance on diverse Laws.

2. Ensuring speedy resolution of queries to optimize client satisfaction levels.

3. Updating clients about legislative changes, both at the Centre & States.

4. Maintaining excellent relations with clients to generate avenues for additional business.

5. Participated in Moot Courts, Model Parliament, Legal Aid Programmes, Legal Talks at All India Radio, Articles on current legal issues in different magazines.

6. Delivered speeches and lectures in various seminars and conferences to spread legal awareness in society. 

Major Cases Handled/Reported Judgment

1. Reported cases in 111 (2004) DLT 441,
2005 IV AD (Delhi) 657,
121 (2005) DLT 443,
145 (2007) DLT 588,
2010 (3) LRC 250 (DEL),
2011(177) DLT 293,
2011(181) DLT 4,
2012 LIC (3) 3482,
2012 (191) DLT 225,
2012 (5) AD DELHI 192,
2016 IIAD (Crl)(DHC)281,
2016 LRC Online 06 (Del),
2002(101)DLT 434,
2004(4) LLJ42,
2005(4) AD(Del) 657,
2008 lawsuit(Del) 454,
2009 LawSuit(Del) 784,
2011 (177) DLT 412,
2011(181) DLT4,
2011 (7) AD(del) 293,
2012 Cr. LJ 4482,
2012 (191) DLT 225,
2012 Law Suit(Del) 1844,
2012(6) ILR(Del) 254,
2013 Law Suit(Del) 3327,
2013 Law Suit(Del) 4903,
2014 Law Suit(Del) 1126,
2014 Law Suit(SC) 629,
2015 Law Suit(Del) 297,
2015 Law Suit(Del) 938,
2015 Law Suit(Del) 3290,
2015 Law Suit(Del) 3360,
2015 Law Suit(Del) 3846,
2015 Law Suit(Del) 3666,
2015 Law Suit(Del) 5857,
2015 Law Suit(Del) 5976,
2015 Law Suit(Del) 6351,
2016 Law Suit(Del) 762,
2016(1)LLN 598,
2016 Law Suit(Del) 2123 and so on.

2. Many Socio-Legal Articles were published in different Magazines /News Papers/ Journals and many legal discussions were broadcasted on All India Radio and telecasted on different TV Channels.

 3. Holds the merit of appearing in many famous cases, entailing the famous Jassica Lal Murder Case and various judgments were reported in the various Law Reports. 

Important Empanelments

Previous Empanelment:
1. Empanelled as Counsel for ‘Union of India’ for High Court of Delhi.

2. Empanelled as Counsel for ‘Govt. of NCT of Delhi.

3. Empanelled as Counsel for the ‘United India Insurance Co. Ltd.

4. Empanelled as Counsel for the ‘GAIL (India) Limited.

5. Empanelled as Legal Adviser/Consultant for the ‘Office of the Controller General of Defence Accounts’.

6. Empanelled as Counsel for ‘Land & Building Department of Govt. of NCT of Delhi at Delhi High Court’.

7. Empanelled on the penal of ‘Ministry of Railways’

8. Empanelled as Counsel for ‘Delhi SC/SC/OBC/Minority & Handicapped Financial & Development Corporation. 

Current Empanelment :

2. Standing Counsel for ‘ Directorate of Panchayat/ Goan Sabha’.

3. Empanelled as Counsel for ‘Delhi Jal Board’ on the Panel of Arbitrators at ‘Delhi International Arbitration Centre’.

4. Empanelled as ‘Mediator’ by the Delhi High Court Mediation & Conciliation Centre.

5. Empanelled as ‘Arbritrator’ by the Delhi High Court The Delhi International Arbritration Centre (DAC). 

Entrepreneurial Experience

1. The Chauhan Law Associates ( 

2. Firm Profile: It’s a Law Firm headed by Mr. Yudhvir Singh Chauhan-Advocate, entailing around 40 associates all over the country. The Chauhan Law Firm is having a network of Lawyers in Supreme Court of India, almost at all the high court’s of the country and at all the courts of Delhi. Chauhan Law Associates works with a very high level of professional approach and strive through legal excellence to achieve best results for clients in Civil, Criminal, Arbitration, Fundamental Rights, Family, Property, Succession, Employment, Contracts, Consumer, Customs, Company and service matters. The Law Firm is competent, fairly well equipped and committed to providing sound advice, practical legal solutions and best representation before the Court situated in National Capital Territory of Delhi and around.  

Professional Qualification

1. 1999, LL.B (Hons.) with first division from Faculty of Law, M.D.University, Rohtak.

2. 2001, LL.M with first division from Faculty of Law, M. D. University, Rohtak. 


276, Lawyers Chamber, 
Block-II, Delhi High Court,
Delhi - 110003


Phone: +91-11-23070215
Mobile: +91-9810153709


826, Shree Awas (L&T),
Sector-18-B, Dwarka,
New Delhi - 110078